When it comes to white paint, there are a mind-boggling number of options to choose from. But getting the perfect shade of white can make all the difference to the feel of an interior space, whether you want to bring an air of calm, cool tranquillity, or a cosy, warm vibe to a room. Here are some helpful suggestions from some of the UK’s leading paint brands, to help you put the lid back on the brilliant white and create the interior space of your dreams. 


This type of room gets the least natural light and warmth over the course of the year, so a little extra effort needs to go into paint selection if you want to avoid a cold feel. Green and grey undertones can end up making an area look darker, so try warming up the space with a hint of red or pink undertone in your white or neutral paint choice. 
Farrow and Ball’s ‘Pink Ground No.202’, ‘Pointing No.2003’ or a more taupe shade like ‘Dimity No.2008’ (which has a red undertone) are all good options. Similarly, Little Greene offer some great options for warm whites – ‘China Clay No.1’ and the elegant, warm off-white ‘Ferdinand No. 313’ make excellent choices. If you’re a Benjamin Moore fan, a good option for a warm and cozy white is ‘White Dove OC-17’ 


South-facing rooms benefit from wonderful, natural light streaming in throughout the day, making them comparitively easy spaces to decorate. There are lots of great options for whites and neutrals, but a good starting point is to go for a lower brightness. Experts recommend looking for a white shade with a hint of a green, grey, or blue undertone or you can look for a shade with a hint of yellow. 
Little Greene’s fresh, bright ‘Whitening’ (No.41) or warm ‘First Light’ (No.49) with its touch of yellow are worth exploring. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Cloud White OC-130’ and ‘Cotton Balls OC-112’ are versatile whites with a hint of warmth and both work well in a South-facing setting. 
Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore 'Cotton Balls' OC-112 
Little Greene Paint Company 'First Light' No. 49 


West-facing rooms tend to get a cool light in the morning and lots of warm light in the evening, so a white in this kind of room needs to work for both. Experts recommend avoiding a blue undertone in West-facing areas. ‘Salt’ from the Farrow and Ball California collection works well when paired with blues, greens and browns, and the experts at Farrow and Ball also recommend ‘Wimborne White’ (No.239) and ‘Slipper Satin’ (No. 2004) for a West-facing room. 
Photo Credit: Farrow & Ball 'Salt' & California Collection Colour Card  


East-facing rooms get some morning light but not a whole lot of light later-on in the day. A hint of blue or green undertone to your chosen white paint can work well, but grey is best avoided. Adding a little warmth into the colour scheme for the room can also maximise the ambience from warm afternoon light. 
Benjamin Moore recommend their most popular whites for an East-facing room are ‘Simply White’ (2143-70), ‘Mountain Peak White’ (2148-70) and the creamy coloured ‘Mayonnaise’ (2152-70)
Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore 'Mayonnaise' 2152-70 
With white in your scheme, the light at different times of day will have a huge impact on how the room appears, so make sure you test your colours first before investing in larger quantities. All of the above paints are available from Designer Paint Shop online store, or from our South-East London showroom – Eltham DIY. 
If you’d like to know more about any of the paints and wallpaper designs featured in our blog, drop us a quick email. 
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